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Related article:"JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B32&sitename=PLOSONLINE" 110."JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B33&sitename=PLOSONLINE" 111."JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B34&sitename=PLOSONLINE" 112."JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B35&sitename=PLOSONLINE" 113."JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B36&sitename=PLOSONLINE" 114."JOURNAL-PMED-0020124-B37&sitename=PLOSONLINE" From checker at Tue Aug 30 21:46:46 2005 From: checker at (Premise Checker) Date: Tue, 30 Aug 2005 17:46:46 -0400 (EDT) Subject: [Paleopsych] VDare: Steve Sailer: Charles Murray Re-enters Great American Inequality Buy Avandamet Debate Message-ID: Steve Sailer: Charles Murray Re-enters Great American Avandamet Recall Inequality Debate 5.8.28 [14]Steve Sailer Archive Charles Murray Re-enters Great American Inequality Debate By [17]Steve Sailer Social scientist [18]Charles Murray, the co-author of the [19]1994 bestseller [20]The Bell Curve, is perhaps America's premier [21]data analyst. His 1984 book [22]Losing Ground provided the [23]intellectual impetus for the successful 1996 welfare reform law. His 2003 work [24]Human Accomplishment is a delightful statistical romp among the most [25]eminent scientists and artists in global history. Now, Murray is back with a landmark essay, "[26]The Inequality Taboo," in the September issue of [27]Commentary. The printed text alone totals 7,500 words, and the web version contains over 10,000 additional words of notes and sources. If published just by itself, Murray's 1,500-word [28]Footnote 44 would rank as the crucial statement on the recent trends and future prospects of the white-black IQ gap. Known among his friends for his remarkable judiciousness, Murray is a rather sensitive soul. The foul calumny he has been [29]subjected to over the last eleven years must have been tiresome. Murray hadn't crafted an essay about IQ since his little known (but important) [30]1999 effort reporting the then latest results of the enormous military-funded National Longitudinal Study of Youth look at IQ and life outcomes. This year, however, the [31]absurd denunciations visited upon Harvard president [32]Larry Summers for offering what Murray calls "a few mild, speculative, off-the-record remarks about [33]innate differences between men and women in their aptitude for high-level science and mathematics," persuaded Murray that intellectual discourse in America had decayed so shamefully that he needed to return to Avandamet Dosage the fray. "[34]The Inequality Taboo" consists of three parts: bullet A defense of Summers's discussion of why brainiac math nerds are more likely to be male than female; bullet An updating on the last decade's worth of new findings on the white-black IQ gap; bullet And a ringing call to Americans to start discussing honestly the group differences that we see every day: "What good can come Avandamet Price of raising this divisive topic? The Avandamet Lawsuit honest answer is that no one knows for sure. What we do know is that the [35]taboo has crippled our ability to explore almost any topic that involves the different ways in which groups of people respond to the world around them--which means almost every political, social, or economic topic of